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Feeding the dragon: a cheats to surviving the game Hungry Dragon

Welcome to middle earth. In this exciting survival game, play the part of a cute little dragon struggling to make it through hunters, locals, and goblins all the while trying to fill its ever-hungry stomach.

The game is a little challenging. At some point, you might get stuck somewhere especially in the beginning when your dragon is still extra small and can barely do anything to defend itself. Here are some steps to follow to be able to level up your dragon fast.

You’re a beginner. Act like it.

In the beginning, you start the game as an extra small dragon. Of course, you’ll eventually get bigger and with you, the game’s map and your dragon’s abilities. Stick to your friends until you get big enough to fight for yourself. Don’t get discouraged with everyone being better than you. Everyone starts from somewhere, and your journey has just begun.

Familiarize yourself with the game’s world

Try to get around as much as you can. Even if you only have a small portion of the world available to you in the beginning, try to get around as much as you can. You probably won’t be able to appreciate the bottom and top parts of the world until your dragon grows up but try to get a picture on them in your visual memory.

At some point, you would have to repeatedly go back to certain parts on the map to collect the respawning rewards on certain places to upgrade your dragon. This moment in the beginning is the best time to familiarize yourself to where everything is located.

Leave the plants alone

One of the main advantages of being familiar with the maps is knowing where everything is located. In Hungry Dragon, the supplies respawn in the same place after you eat them. So the best and fastest way to grow up is to remember where all these places are located and routinely go back for each of them. Just remember that you have to stay away for a while. The supplies don’t respawn as fast if you’re on the scene. Wander around the map for a while and then come back.

Survival of the fittest

Yep. You have to kill other dragons. Don’t be fooled by the cute graphics, you have to kill all the other dragons. Be smart enough to flee when you see a bigger dragon. If you can, bully those smaller than you or at least the same size to make sure that you have a fighting chance. Always use the boost option.

No matter who your opponent is, that button will save your life. Of course, winning fights improve your dragon’s skills and add to its experience. You’d want to expose it to as many battles as you can. Just remember to take calculated risks.

Feast on loots from enemies

Winning battles give you rewards. Once you’ve defeated your enemy, they would leave certain items when they disappear. Many times, the items are food. This is another way to feed your dragon. Of course, you have to calculate the risk when engaging in battle. Make sure you have a chance in winning. All of the enemies in the game, no matter how little, would never go down without a fight.

If you find yourself faced with an enemy that you can’t take with a single blow, retreat and come back. Pretend to be abandoning the battle and then once your enemy lets its guard down again, sneak in another hit. Just keep going at it until your enemy is dead. Of course, this doesn’t work for all enemies, especially helicopters and bosses who are strong enough to kill you with one hit. So just use the tactic where ever you think it can help.

Search for eggs and nurture them

Once you find eggs in the game, keep them. They’ll hatch into cute pets. You can keep these pets or throw them away. It all depends on if you think it’ll help you advance in the game or not. Having a pet has its advantages. Depending on which animal you got, some pets give their owners a larger life bar, some enhance their speed, and can even aid you in battle. You’re not really limited to having only one, but these little creatures are hard to maintain. If you want to keep more than one, do it once you have a really large dragon.

Costumes are cute but not necessary

Yes, don’t waste your resources on unnecessary things like costumes and skins if you are not using Hungry Dragon hack. Focus on using your resources to getting bigger dragons. That’s how you win that game. Even in you buy accessories for your current dragon, once you discard it for a bigger one, you won’t be able to take accessories back. It will just disappear along with the smaller dragon.

Flame on!

The game has a mode called fire rush where your dragon would be incredibly strong for a time. It would even have the ability to breathe fire. These states don’t last very long so make sure to make the most of it. Pick a fight with every single enemy on the way. Don’t worry about anything, even your health won’t be affected when you’re in fire rush mode. The mode doesn’t totally make you invincible though, enemies larger than you could still squish you so try to avoid those and stick to picking fights  with enemies your own size.

Be hungry for growth

Do everything that you can to level up your dragon’s skills. Join challenges and competitions and go through different missions. This is the fastest way to move up in the game. The game is best played daily. Everyday, find the 3 chests scattered all over the game’s world. Open them and collect the rewards inside.

You only get 5 chests per day so make sure to open them everyday to make the most of the rewards inside. The missions are limited to three per day. They’re refreshed after a couple of hours. Try to accomplish them as soon as you see them to get more in a day. Occasionally the developers would cook up a game or a tournament where everyone can join. Try to emerge victorious in these events. They give out generous rewards. Plus, sometimes they still give out rewards even if you don’t win.

Enjoy the game. Hungry Dragon was made to entertain. Sure, it’s a little challenging, but it’s also supposed to make you laugh. Don’t take it too seriously. At some point, the game might seem repetitive to you, especially when you’re trying to level. You’ll find yourself going back to the same places trying to get as much as you can from them. Don’t worry, once you level up and get bigger, so does your capabilities. Then you’ll be able to do more and explore the game further. Just keep pushing and do your best.

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