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Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay Cheats and Basics

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A lot of us have dreamed of having our very own restaurant business. That is now a reality when you play Restaurant Dash with Gordon Ramsay.

The Tough Times

There will be times when the going gets tough. When that happens, don’t give up. It is just a game after all. Here are some situations that will make you think twice about playing the game:

  • Gordon Boost

You will work so hard for that Gordon boost but keep in mind you don’t have to use it immediately. You can keep it and use it when the time is right. After all, you don’t want to see all that hard work go out for nothing.

You must wait for the right time to use it and it would be when there are a lot of customers who want to be fed. When you use it, they will all be fed immediately. You will certainly be excited to see the satisfied looks on their faces.

  • Keep an Extra Eye on Orders

When your restaurant is full, that means you are doing something right. It will also mean you will receive a lot of orders. Thus, it would be best to make sure you don’t mix up some orders. You can only imagine their reactions when they see you serve them the wrong food.

In addition, it would be best to avoid putting the wrong items on the wrong plate. There are times when that can’t be avoided especially if you have lots of orders with multiple servings.

  • Speed Up the Process

There will certainly come a time when you need to take care of many orders at the same time. You are going to feel the pressure but that is all part of owning a restaurant. Thus, you must accomplish the orders immediately so you will get praise from the customers.

If you do that, the line will move faster and you will get more money. Of course, that will make your customers happier. They would want to satisfy their food cravings faster and they need your help.

Useful Hacks

It is no secret this game will get challenging. Besides, the manufacturers did not make a game that will just let you pass time. You will get challenged so we have assembled a bunch of Restaurant Dash Gordon Ramsay cheats that will help you throughout the game.

  • Watch Videos

You must dedicate a few minutes of your time to watch videos. These tutorials will teach you how to earn more gold. The video will teach you how you can use some of your equipment that you don’t use anymore. Believe it or not, you can turn your old stuff into something useful.

  • Clean up fast

It is normal to make a mess at a restaurant. Besides, there are a lot of things that are involved so accidents can happen. You don’t want the spillage to last long though or it will cause a bad smell. Thus, it would be best to clean up the mess immediately.

  • Dispose immediately

You don’t have to feel guilty if you accidentally screwed up a customer’s order. You can throw it to the trash and start all over again. There is no need to think twice whether you will do it or not. After all, you’re not actually wasting food there since it is just a game.

  • Prioritize the VIPs

There is reason why they are called VIPs. They should never be disappointed so better prioritize them when they order something. It won’t be smart to keep them waiting or else they may complain and it will affect your reputation. Thus, better put their orders ahead of the others. You must also speed up the process so the other orders won’t be affected that much.

  • Double Check the Orders

Some pictures may be hard to see. Thus, better click on the order to make sure what the order is. After all, you would not want to provide the wrong item to the customer. You would have to repeat the customer’s order all over again. If it is a burger, there are many types of burgers so better be sure you make the right one.

Learn the Basics

  • Store Lots of Ingredients

You never know when you will get lots of customers. Thus, better store a lot of ingredients in Gordon Ramsay restaurants. You would not want a bunch of angry customers complaining because you can’t serve them your preferred food. It is not real life anyway so you won’t have to worry about ingredients getting thrown away. When you have extra ingredients that won’t get used, you won’t have to worry about that.

  • Hurry Up

When you start the game, you are going to have an idea what customers usually order. In other words, you will know the best-sellers. Thus, keep an eye out for these items as these are the things you will often serve to your customers.

In a few minutes, this game will turn into a racing game. The faster your service is, the more customers will be fed properly. Service is certainly something you should work on because it is the same thing that will satisfy your customers.

  • Use the Machines

It would be great to make use of ice cream and coffee machines. You can give these things to your customers immediately so they will have something to eat while waiting for their order. Of course, that would depend on what you want to give them as some customers don’t really like eating ice cream as an appetizer. Thus, you won’t be putting any effort in these machines. They do all the hard work for you. You should be thankful these machines exist.

Collect Extra Gold and Coins It won’t be good to have lots of coins and gold in your counter as someone might steal it. Thus, better swipe right and you will automatically boost your points. It is certainly a great feeling to absorb your income so you can use it for future expenses.

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